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    Welcome to, the Campaign Associates Inc. HOME PAGE. For over 50 years our family has specialized in working with large and small companies who are seeking innovative ideas, products and strategies to BUILD SALES by communicating their message to target audiences and markets... AND WE LOVE CHALLENGES. Our professional team is renowned for providing the highest level of customer service even when immediate response is required to assure the success of your project.

    We concentrate on impact and creative ways to deliver your message and help you develop just the right message. We can put your company logo and important information on over 300,000 promotional items, (or design a custom item for your product or service), design custom premium fulfillment programs, produce trade shows, provide marketing and promotional consulting services so you can implement programs in-house, develop art work and logos, create and manage corporate events and prepare corporate recognition and award programs. Our business grows by helping your business grow. It's that simple... and 50 years of experience proves our point.





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